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Points of Articulation: Akuma Street Fighter IV 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

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Let me start by saying I was never very good at Street Fighter. Actually, I was downright horrible. I was one of those kids that would stand there pressing every button in every possible combination and still nothing would happen. Video games just weren’t my thing back then, and they sure as heck aren’t now. Although I can appreciate gaming, I’ve never been able to dedicate my time to playing them. The main reason this is regrettable, if at all, is because of all the very cool collectibles produced from video games. I’m constantly checking out figures of various scales either online or at the local toy or comic stores oohing and ahhing at the awesome detail and variety of coolness available for collectors who are also gamers.

Since I tend to limit what I buy to properties I’m interested in, I never pick up any of said figures, though the temptation is always there. Thankfully, the older I get, the more I can refrain from buying figures for the sole reason of thinking they are totally awesome. This was not a skill that developed overnight, it took many years to learn to resist buying figures just off coolness alone. Again, this is another great benefit of the internet and various forums and websites dedicated to collecting such as Sideshow Freaks.com. I can vicariously enjoy figures I would never buy by viewing other peoples collections.

One such property that’s held my interest has been the various Street Fighter lines developed over the years. From Hasbro’s lame attempt back in the nineties to Play Arts Kai’s current essential line, Street Fighter collectibles have come a long way. Now, Kids Logic is upping the ante with their new 1/6th scale Action Nations Series.

Now, aside from Ryu, Ken and the lot from Street Fighter 2 I’m not all that familiar with the later characters of the Street Fighter series. However, as far as cool looking characters go Kids Logic has picked a pretty awesome looking one for their debut figure.


Akuma, Street Fighter IV 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure, Action Nations Series AN001

“I am Akuma! And I will teach you the meaning of pain!”

The highly anticipated Street Fighter IV 1/6th scale action figure series from Kids Logic is kick started by the popular villain, Akuma.

The video-game accurate Akuma features:

  • LED light up eyes.
  • Finely crafted, detailed and realistic head sculpt and painting.
  • A custom developed body specifically designed for Akuma that is meticulously sculpted to showcase Akuma’s power.
  • More than 20 points of articulation for high flexibility posing of stances and moves.
  • Comes with 1 pair of fists, 1 pair of open palms
  • Costume and accessories includes Prayer Beads, Dark Blue Keikogi and Straw Knitted Style Sandals.

Figures stand 30cm tall.

Head Sculpted by Xan
Body Sculpted by Xan
Head Painted by Bob Yu (at ChildDream Work)
© Capcom U.S.A. All Rights Reserved

Pre-order AKUMA from ANGOLZ for $120 or BigBadToyStore for $179.99

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