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Review: The Art of Robert Aragon Collector Cards

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Of all the things I don’t collect, trading cards has to be the one thing I wish I did. There are various reasons why I don’t but I’ll get into that later…

Art is a subjective passion. What is art to one person can be nothing other than tin cans glued together on a backboard to another. Whatever your taste in art, there is simply no denying if a particular artist has a unique and special gift. Robert Aragon has such a gift. An artist who spans several genres, from horror to portraiture and various genres in between, Robert is an artist of many talents. For the past two decades he has been a top force in the horror art genre. Whether creating comic book and CD covers or portraits for the likes of Sara Karloff or Bela Lugosi Jr. Robert infuses a sense of pathos in every piece he creates. Does this mean every piece he creates is a masterpiece? No. As all art is subjective, I have my favorites over others. What Roberts art does convey is his  ability to capture moments and feelings and translate those emotions to each and every piece he creates.


With Marks Non-Sports Cards The Art of Robert Aragon Collector Card set fans of trading cards have a real treat in store. Here is the past twenty years of an artists career, boxed together in one set. For art collectors, having a bit of almost every piece from one artist is nearly impossible. Coffee table books are a great way to complete a collection. However, the trading card way might be a better option. Here, you can hold each individual piece. You can frame your favorites or display them as you see fit, the options are really up to you. This alone makes collecting trading cards worth it.

The set offers some really fun pieces, such as the Gothic Treasures which are printed on wooden cards. Autograph cards include Bela Lugosi Jr., Bob Burns, Carla Laemmle, Janet Ann Gallow, and George Clayton Johnson to name a few. Most cards are composites of different images, creating a new, never before seen piece. Another interesting and fun part of this collection is that twenty four other artists contributed their own sketch cards interpreting Roberts work. For horror and art fans alike this set offers a little something for everyone.


That being said, allow me to lay out a few cons of this set. Rather, my issues are not unique to this set, but in trading card collecting in general. Completing a full set of trading cards can be expensive and tedious to say the least. Sketch cards can be the bane of any collectors existence. There are many aspects to this set that can cause many a nightmare. Along with various sketch cards there are, as I’ve said, autograph cards, prop cards lithograph cards and redemption cards. To complete a set will take time and money. My least favorite part about collecting is the word “chase”. This set is no stranger to “chase” cards.


That does not mean completing a set would be impossible. For those with the time, money and desire a completed set would be a very rewarding and treasured collection of art and horror memorabilia. For the average collector who simply wants to own a unique set of classic horror art, I highly recommend picking up the base set of The Art of Robert Aragon Collection Cards. There really is no comparison for quality and content.

You can pick up a set at SolarFly Cards for $59.95. Check out Marks Non-Sports Cards for set details.


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