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Points of Articulation: 30th Anniversary Lion Voltron Collectors Set

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Coming March of next year Toynami is releasing an updated version of their 2006 Masterpiece Lion Voltron for the show’s 30th anniversary.



For those of you unfamiliar with Voltron it is the American bastardization of yet another ridiculously cool Japanese anime Go Lion. As a kid in the 80′s Voltron was one of the staples of my cartoon watching and toy collecting life. I remember my first version of the five combining lions was bought at a swap meet in San Diego. Yes it was a knock off, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell, that is until all the parts began falling off on each individual lion. Broke my heart. Eventually my cousin would give me his “legitimate” version when he grew to cool to have toys. I gladly took it and kept it in perfect shape up until last year when I gave it to my nephew.

In 2006 when Toynami came out with their Masterpiece version of Voltron I couldn’t resist. Standing at eleven inches tall and partially made of diecast this would prove to be the ultimate version of the giant combining robot. Was it a perfect version. Definitely not. The lions lacked their individual weapons they use when not formed into Voltron, and there were some issues with loose joints, but overall I was pleased with the figure. I still have him on display to this day. Seven years on display says a lot about the quality of a figure, especially since that time so many great, top shelf figures have come out.

With Mattel thankfully losing the shortly held Voltron license, Toynami is back at it with an updated version of Voltron, and it’s nothing short of amazing, if not a bit pricey. Read on for all the details and pre-order info.


Standing at 11 inches tall (nearly 13 inches with its display base), the 30th Anniversary edition will feature LED light-up Voltron face eyes (powered by replaceable batteries) and sturdy die-cast and ABS construction, and will include a very special signature Voltron badge. This badge, when properly transformed, will become a key that can be used to activate light and sound features on the display base, including the legendary “lion’s roar.” The 30th separates into the individual lions, will also come with the lion’s-mouth blade accessory, and will come packaged in a classic retro-styled anniversary box.

As I’ve said, this guy isn’t cheap. In 2006 I paid $150, the 30th version is going to cost you $224.99, but with all the additions and cool features I think it’s well worth it for any Voltron/Go Lion fan.

Pre-order at BigBadToyStore.


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