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Points of Articulation: Threezero’s The Walking Dead 1/6th Scale Figures

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If you’re one of the few people not watching The Walking Dead order up some Netflix, pick up your favorite take out and get to it. However, odds are if you’re a fan of FM you are more than likely a fan of the show, if you’re a fan of the show and reading Points of Articulation you are more than likely a fan of collecting, if you’re a fan of collecting you’re likely to be more than curious about threezero’s upcoming The Walking Dead 1/6th scale figures. I know I am.

Like most popular show’s and movies one of the first questions asked from the collecting community is when will action figures be made? In the case of The Walking Dead various figures have been made from the comic and television show. These figures have often been hit or miss, some are downright awful.

With the booming 1/6th scale market it was only a matter of time until a company was granted the license, most people just weren’t expecting threezero to be that company. Though not a major player in this scale it’s refreshing to see a new company try their hand at a beloved property. Whether or not they hit the zombie out of the park, or take a head shot and burn remains to be seen.

The first in the series is a rather safe start. Zombies likenesses are going to be easier to reproduce than their human counterparts and beginning the line with Michonnes pets not only brings fans two iconic creatures from the show but also from the comic books as well. Following the pets will be Merle Dixon. You can bet Rick and the others will follow soon after.


As for the price, these guys are relatively inexpensive at $120.

Pre-order at BigBadToyStore and like threezero on Facebook to stay up to date with the upcoming figures.


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