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A Sneak Peek at FM 274

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While the lot of you are still reading and enjoying FM 273 (you ARE, aren’t you?), it’s time to preview our yearly Kaiju Issue—which of course means we have welcomed Consulting Editor (and Big Wow! Special Guest) August Ragone on board to help us deliver a tribute of massive proportions…



The image above, featuring Mothra, is only one of four special cover paintings by the extremely awesome Bob Eggleton (previously responsible for our Godzilla vs. Gamera, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, and Colossal Kaiju covers).

FM 274 will feature our exclusive GODZILLA TIMELINE, featuring writeups and information on all 29 existing Godzilla films—plus a little interview with director Gareth Edwards about the new Warner Bros. film debuting in May.

Never fear, though, as there’s still plenty of material for people who haven’t learned to love Godzilla yet, including:

  • ENTER THE DRAGON: Film legend and frequent FM collaborator Rick Baker details his process of prosthetics for Angelina Jolie in Disney’s MALEFICENT.
  • COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION: WORLD WAR Z author Max Brooks, King of Literary Zombies, has taken to Avatar Press to tell his most recent apocalyptic tale.
  • GIANTS AMONG US: There is one title currently dominating the anime fantasy landscape, and its name is ATTACK ON TITAN.
  • KILLING TIME: Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s Sci-Fi saga ALL YOU NEED IS KILL has come to dominate many different mediums: novel, manga, graphic novel, and now major Hollywood studio film—Tom Cruise’s EDGE OF TOMORROW.
  • ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER: NIGHT WATCH author Sergei Lukyanenko walks us through the latest installment in his urban fantasy series.
  • OUT COME THE WOLVES: How do you merge werewolves with a western? Eric Red is here to tell us how, and share some of his experience in writing and filmmaking.

Plus a Godzilla collectibles countdown, new toys from Bandai, and more.

Pre-order the issue here: http://www.captainco.com/collections/fm-274-godzilla-generations



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