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Kids Logic SD G1 Optimus Prime

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My love for deformed action figures steams from a Robotech toy I bought when I was a kid.  Rick Hunter is my favorite character in Robotech, so when I found this really odd looking incarnation of Ricks VF-1S at a local toy store I flipped out.  Sure the figure looked like it could be the VF-1S’ pudgy little brother, but to me it was the coolest version of a Veritech I’d ever seen.  Did I mention the figure came with the VF-1S Strike Armor as well as a mini figure of Lynn Minmay?  Pretty cool stuff for a little kid.  Would I rather have had a mini Lisa Hayes figure, sure, but what are you gonna do?  Now, at this point in my life I was pretty much a fan of all things giant robots from Transformers to Mazinger Z (or Tranzor Z as we knew him in the States).  I had all kinds of different figures, but for some reason that little chubby Veritech was my favorite.


That being said I would have killed for some deformed Transformers-though it could be argued that a vast majority of the original Transformers could be considered super deformed.  Enter Kids Logic and their Super Deformed G1 Optimus Prime and my wish is finally being fulfilled.  Read on for the energon draining facts and pre-order information.

  • The action figure is posable, stands approx. 6 inches /15cm tall.
  • LED lights up Creation Matrix, Optimus’ Eyes and fog lights.
  • Optimus’ chest can be opened to access the removable Creation Matrix.

*The mini 3″ Optimus Prime Clear version can be purchased with this item for a limited time only*


Angloz has pre-orders up for $96.00.  This is more than likely the best price you’re going to find.

BigBadToyStore also has him, however he’s a bit more expensive at $119.00.

Either way, both companies have great customer service so you can’t go wrong.

SD G1 Optimus Prime is slated to be released Dec 2013.

To stay up to date with Kids Logic check them out on Facebook.

And lastly, for those of you wondering who your Super Deformed Optimus is going to battle never fear, Kids Logic has teased Megatron.



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