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UPDATED: The Art of Robert Aragon Trading Card Set

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Science Fiction and Horror is the backbone of Famous Monsters.  However, without the steadfast passion of fans these modern mythologies and the people behind them would have been long forgotten.  After all, it was the very passion of Forrest J. Ackerman that allowed generations of fans to come together and share their own stories and passions about the various genres that make up the world FM inhabits.

One such storyteller is artist Robert Aragon, who for over twenty years has been creating and adding to the rich tradition of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  Now, Robert’s wonderful artwork comes together for the first time to create a card set that involves all of the silver screen favorites.  The base set includes 72 cards.  Collectors will find autograph cards from Bela Lugosi, Jr., Julie Adams, Sara Karloff, Carla Laemmle, George Clayton Johnson, Jane Adams and many more.  Cut signatures from Vincent Price as well as Trading card printing plates will be randomly inserted. There are also Case Canvas Toppers,  1931 Frankenstein Wire Prop Cards, 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame Prop Cards, and sketch cards.

Autograph Cards Include:

  • Bela Lugosi Jr
  • Bob Burns
  • Caren Marsh
  • Carla Laemmle
  • George Clayton Johnson
  • Jane Adams
  • Janet Ann Gallow
  • Julie Adams
  • Kathy Burns
  • Robert Aragon
  • Sara Karloff
  • Ron Chaney
 Redemption Cards Include:
  • Vincent Price original Art
  • Trading Card Art from Robert Aragon
  • Uncut Autograph sheets
  • Uncut lithographs Signed by Robert Aragon and Peggy Moran
  • Lithograph signed by Jane Adams and Robert Aragon
  • Un-cut sheets of the Base cards
  • Uncut sheets of Certain Chase Cards
 Prop Cards Include:
  • 1931 Frankenstein Electric Wire Prop Card From the original set
  • 1923 Hunchback of Norte-Dame Prop Card from the wooden axe used in the film
Sketch cards
  • Sketch cards from the top sketch card artists in the industry, a list of who and samples of their contributions can be found here.

For a larger preview of the set head over to MNS Cards.

The set will be available Oct 30, 2013.


Just in time for Halloween, The Art of Robert Aragon Trading Card set will get a release signing this coming Saturday, Oct 19th at the Frank and Sons Collectible Show in the City of Industry. Here’s all the detail about the show. If you’re going to be anywhere near the LA area next week, definitely make it a point to stop by at check out all the fun.

“The Halloween countdown begins today! To kick things off we have news regarding the release of the “The Art of Robert Aragon” Trading Cards. Mr. Aragon will be joined by friends for the official release event including: Bob & Kathy Burns, Bela Lugosi Jr, Ron Chaney, Julie Adams(The Creature of the Black Lagoon), Janet Ann Gallow (The Ghost of Frankenstein), Sara Karloff, Caren Marsh (from Wizard of Oz ’39), George Clayton Johnson (Writer : The Twilight Zone, Star Trek) and Joyce Meadows (The Brain from Planet Arous), all of whom will be signing and taking pictures with fans at the famous Frank & Sons Collectible Show where the event will take place on Oct 19th. Frank and Sons is located at 19649 E. San Jose Ave. City of Industry, CA. 91748.”


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