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NECA Brings The Scares Mego Style

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NECA is bringing fans two of the most iconic horror villains of the past thirty five years, and their doing it Mego style.  Mego created some of the most playable action figures of all time, and throughout the 70′s no one company held more licenses, or created more amazingly cool figures and playsets.  All things retro have been the rage for some time and the re-imagining, and in some cases the complete reproduction, of certain Mego lines has made many the nostalgic collector very happy.

NECA is stepping up the love for clothed 8” action figures with the upcoming release of A Nightmare on Elm Streets Freddy Krueger and Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees.  Both figures will come with tailored fabric clothing raising the bar for the 8” market.  These are Mego 2.0.  Hats off to NECA, they have listened to the fans and are in the midst of quite the renaissance.  Here’s to their continued success and innovation.

Check out these pictures and look for the figures to hit stores in late October or early November.



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