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The Graveyard Examiner: Thor

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Thor has always had a massive following, even before appearing in Marvel Studios’ THOR and AVENGERS, thanks to, you know, being a God and a towering character of Asgard mythology and folklore. Now, Thor, Loki, and Asgard have become a part of the pop culture zeitgeist, which means heaps of T-shirts, apparel, ridiculous snow globes, toys, Mjolnir inspired goodies, and other wacky miscellaneous items.

Because you shouldn’t have to, I crossed the rainbow road into the Asgardian marketplace, and discovered the very best, the weirdest (and the worst) THOR-related items the world wide webs have to offer. What follows is a selection of my favorites, complete with images, links, and prices, to get you ready for the next time you see Thor on the big screen.


Let’s start with the classics, the action figures, statues, busts, and other delightful collectibles featuring the visage of the God of Thunder.

Sometimes, things that are made and sold purely because they are cute rub me the wrong way, and make me want to vom. Abbreviating vomit also makes me want to vomit. But when it comes to Pop!’s vinyl figures, I make an exception, because they are absolutely the right type of adorable, and somehow look awesome at the same time.

Have a look at Thor, Loki, and a Dark Elf. The customary big eyes on Thor and Loki are a little more disconcerting than usual, so I have to say, the Dark Elf is my preference here. But I may have to snap up all three (each cost $9.99).

Dark ElfThorLoki

For my money, the best looking action figure is the 7-inch tall, 16 POA (points of articulation) Diamond Select Thor figure based on his costume in THOR 2. I dig the base with a Dark Elf head, and the likeness of Hemsworth is eerie. You can apparently buy a Jane Foster separately to “complete the scene,” but I seriously doubt anyone wants to get a Jane Foster “action” figure… unless it’s a life size model.

The other treat is the Wave 1 set, with 12 3 3/4 inch figures. Instead of getting the Warriors Three, Sif and Anthony Hopkins Odin in the bargain, you get 3 Thors, 3 more versions of Thor, a dark elf, 2 Loki’s, and 3 Kurse’s (LOST’s Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). That mutes my excitement a bit, especially since we don’t get a glimpse of Kurse.

The individual Thor sells for $21.99. The set from Hasbro, comes out to $119.99.

If you have a few more dubloons, look into the Thor statue, which looks awesome:


The statue from Bowen Designs stands 15 inches tall, and as you can see, features lightning bolts, Mjolnir, and Thor in all his glory. It’s $274.99.

Meanwhile, bobbleheads still cling to relevance, and that means we have a Loki and Thor bobblehead, courtesy of Funko. Each 7 inch bauble cost $12.99, which is a great deal, but I can’t say I’m too impressed with the Loki one especially. It does not look like Hiddleston. Check out Thor and Loki.

Don’t blush because you like plush; it’s a thing. There are two different plush toys for Thor, and they look ridiculous, in the best way possible. The first is a comic book Thor, with the clean shaven version of our Thunderous hero, the other is a burly, hairy wild-haired movie version of Thor. He looks like a lion with a hammer, which is an awesome concept idea.

For Prince Valiant Thor, go here. For Cowardly Lion Thor, go here. Each 7-inch snuggle buddy is priced at $9.99, the cheapest sleeping partner you’ll find.

Now it’s time for electronic action figures (yay…)! That means the 10 inch toy from Hasbro, featuring a battle sound (which I hope is a cheesy battle cry like “I say thee NAY!” but it’s likely the clashing of a hammer or a lightning strike).


It’s available for $25.99 here. Two more pricey options exist, one from the Marvel Legends line that looks immaculate (and costs $99.99), and the other from NECA, which looks like it’d break into 17 pieces if you blew on it.

Here’s NECA’s 1/4 scale Thor coming in January 2014. The 18″ figure has 30 points of articulation, yet it looks like the most fragile, immobile toy yet:


Peep the deets here.

Lastly, we’ll finish with a mini bust of Odinson:


The 7.5″ bust looks awesome, except his face kind of looks like he just had some bad fish or you just pinched his girlfriend’s bum or something. For $79.99, this Gentle Giant figure may be worth it anyways.

But what toy is best of all? Easy, this Thor themed Mr. Potato Head ($17.99):


I merely scratched the surface when it came to toys and action figures featuring our favorite Asgardians. Check ToyWiz for more options.

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