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Creepy Casting: “Jurassic World” Dinosaur Fancast

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Steven Spielberg’s JURASSIC PARK is one of the best film adaptations of a novel ever, one of the best monster movies ever, one of the best displays of FX wizardry ever, one of the best summer blockbusters ever, and one of the best sci-fi/horror movies ever. JURASSIC PARK is one of the best films, period.

Predictably, the two sequels failed to live up to that insane level of precedent, and for the most part, managed to piss people off. While JURASSIC PARK succeeded in giving us human characters we cared about, thanks to a wonderful cast (Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Wayne Knight, Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, the list goes on..), the sequels relied solely on FX wizardry that wasn’t nearly as impressive as that Spielberg’s initial entry in the franchise.

With SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED director Colin Trevorrow taking over the reins of the franchise, and Steven Spielberg returning to produce, there are high hopes for the long awaited JURASSIC PARK 4. Now known as JURASSIC WORLD, we can probably expect a larger scope or a bigger and likely more stupidly run park. With a name change, a release date bump up to June 12th, 2015, and concept footage from a pitch trailer, it’s clear that JURASSIC PARK and dinosaurs are back in the lime light and we can expect hot and heavy casting news in the near future.

I wonder, do we really care if John Krasinski stars in JURASSIC WORLD? Sure, he’s a likable dude, but he’s dinosaur food. While we absolutely need to care about the cast and connect with them to make this different from II and III, they’re going to be overshadowed no matter who they cast. When it comes to JURASSIC WORLD, I think we’re all hoping for one thing: a lot of big, hulking, awesome, and fearsome monsters, attacking each other while the pesky humans try to corral them.

Following that logic, I have decided to use this edition of Creepy Casting to posit which dinosaurs should jump into the TARDIS and make their way to present day to terrorize us on the big screen. And no, I’m not going to mention the T-Rex or the velociraptor. Don’t get me wrong; they absolutely SHOULD make it into the film, but I think we should also see new and different dinosaurs. Let’s give Trevorrow and company a chance to add another prehistoric monster to the upper echelon.



The Spinosaurus was used as the main antagonist in JPIII, so unfortunately I couldn’t use him here, even though there’s the old “he’s bigger” and potentially a better hunter than the T-rex was.

Revel in some Planet Dinosaur videos featuring him:

Since they’ve made cameo appearances in all three films up to this point, another glimpse of the Parasaurolophus would be fun. These dinosaurs can hear danger coming up to MILES away, thanks to its cacophonous defense “infrasound.” There’s gotta be a way to use that in a film to great effect: everyone’s taking a breath, having narrowly escaped a carnivore earlier. Then… that terrifying booming noise, alerting them to imminent danger.


They’re not the scariest or most threatening of dinosaurs, but I can’t help but shake the image of a 70 pound dinosaur burrowed underground, withstanding harsh elements, stampedes or murderous onslaughts from predators. Imagine tripping on what would normally be a ground hog hole, only to find a family of Oryctodromeus Cubicularis inside. Freaky. You could have a scene with a small child, hiding in a burrow that he/she finds in an open prairie, from an oncoming carnivore, only to discover that he’s happened upon a nest with newborn Oryctodromeii, and an angry mother.

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