Points of Articulation: Petition to Release Classic Hammer Horror Titles

The worst part about being a fan and a collector is waiting for the announcement that one of your favorite films or characters is going to be released in a respective form. I'm not talking about the … [Read More...]


WonderCon: Darwyn Cooke Does “BATMAN BEYOND”

First we got Bruce Timm returning to Batman animation for the first time in ten years. Now DC has debuted an animated short by Darwyn Cooke, a BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES storyboarder and one of the … [Read More...]


A Sneak Peek at FM 274

While the lot of you are still reading and enjoying FM 273 (you ARE, aren't you?), it's time to preview our yearly Kaiju Issue—which of course means we have welcomed Consulting Editor (and Big Wow! … [Read More...]


Video Game Review: THE WOLF AMONG US Episode 3: “A Crooked Mile”

It seems there's no slowing down the Telltale Games franchise train. They've already done JURASSIC PARK, BACK TO THE FUTURE, the critically acclaimed WALKING DEAD, and now, Vertigo's comic seres … [Read More...]


Points of Articulation: Hot Toys’ AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Figure

When THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN was released in 2012, only five years after the abysmal SPIDER-MAN 3, many fans and critics felt Sony was re-booting the franchise too soon, that it would never compare to … [Read More...]


Batman Goes Retro in Bruce Timm’s “STRANGE DAYS”

Animator and producer Bruce Timm hasn't worked on a Batman animation since 2004, but this year is the Caped Crusader's 75th anniversary, and DC is making sure we know it by offering all kinds of … [Read More...]