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Book Review: “Summer’s End” by Lisa Morton

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  • Author: Lisa Morton
  • Publisher: Journalstone Publishing
  • Page Count: E-Book / Hardcover / Paperback

Book Review: “Summer’s End” by Lisa Morton

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When Lisa Morton, author of The Halloween Encyclopedia, is called in to consult on the recent discovery of a fifteen-hundred-year-old Celtic manuscript, she’s at first excited about the light this monumental find might shed on Samhain, the mysterious Celtic precursor to Halloween.

Conor ó Cuinn, the Irish archaeologist who excavated the manuscript, thinks it reveals ancient magic. Lisa is skeptical…until people around her begin dying. Dr. Wilson Armitage, the university professor who was translating the manuscript, is found torn apart by wild animals…or was he actually attacked by vicious sidh, malicious Celtic spirits that wreak havoc every Samhain?

As October 31st approaches, the border between our realm and one of murderous spirits begins to dissolve. Can Lisa survive Halloween night and use her knowledge to set the world right again?

So Lisa Morton, the world’s foremost Halloween expert writes a story about Lisa Morton, the world’s foremost Halloween expert who is called in to consult on a 1500 year old Celtic manuscript that basically turns her world and everything she has believed in upside down.


You read right, and how awesome is that?

Well, I will tell you how awesome.

SUMMER’S END is the perfect storm of a story, where everything aligns completely, delivering a powerful new narrative that is rarely seen in fiction today. The story blends the worlds of fiction and reality, and feels like Lisa actually lived through the events, and therefore we, the reader live through it too.

What Lisa has created here is a beautifully written piece of dark literature that not only we horror and Halloween fans can enjoy, I think anyone who loves a great story will enjoy SUMMER’S END.

All authors leave a piece of themselves in every story they write, with SUMMER’S END Lisa uses her extensive knowledge of her subject to not only deliver a story that is a genre unto itself, she manages to scare the hell out of you at the same time.

Her writing has never been better, this just might be her best book yet. Though this is only a novella, don’t let the small size fool you, this is a tour-de-force that is to be savored and enjoyed, stories of this caliber don’t come along too often.

If you are in the market for something completely different, a story that will literally give you goose bumps, a story that will forever change the way you look at a jack-o-lantern you don’t want to miss SUMMER’S END, I give it my highest recommendation.

Summer’s End by Lisa Morton
(Journalstone Publishing)



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