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Book Review: “The Melting Dead” by Doug Lamoreux

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  • Author: Doug Lamoreux
  • Publisher: Stylus-Of-Iron Publishing
  • Page Count: E-Book

Book Review: “The Melting Dead” by Doug Lamoreux

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These aren’t your daddies zombies! Everything they grab hold of burns. Everyone they touch dies. Everything they kill comes back from the dead.

They are The Melting Dead, the new horror novel from the dark mind of Doug Lamoreux wherein Angela Roskowic, a Chicago theatrical director and fanatical horror movie fan, and Professor Paul Rigas, a vacationing geologist, along with a crazy group of innocent, and not so innocent, characters are trapped on a secluded Mississippi River island infested with blood-thirsty incendiary monsters, humans transformed by cosmic radiation, in this B-movie between book covers. A roller-coaster ride; a tale of terror to burst the heart with fear and make the sides ache with laughter.

Doug Lamoreux’s latest novel THE MELTING DEAD is not anything what I expected a zombie novel to be. His take on the whole zombie mythos is quite entertaining and was a hell of a lot of fun to read.

What really made the book for me was Doug’s divergent cast of characters. Each character was brilliantly crafted, with their own personality and quirks. You have a group of bumbling thieves, island hermits, cops, a horror fanatic, a geology professor and townsfolk that fill this story with the realism that I need to be fully enveloped in the story.

They deliver plenty of one-liners that give the book a comedic flair amidst all the carnage, blood and flesh eating. I can’t remember reading a story that was able to combine the two so well. I really enjoyed spending time with these characters, both the living and the dead.

For you fellow horror junkies, you will love the multitude of references to horror movies, books and TV shows that Doug skillfully inserts into the storyline.

So the whole meteor falling from the sky turning people into zombies is not exactly original, but it is what Doug does with this scenario that stands out. His zombies are a burning, melting, flesh and blood craving mess. They also retain some of their past living experiences and use this to wreak havoc on the living trapped on the island with them.

All in all I have to say this is one of the best zombie stories I have read in a while and should interest readers that enjoy a fun roller coaster ride of  story with plenty of action, fantastic characters, flesh eating and a dose humor to top it all off. I highly recommend you give THE MELTING DEAD a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The Melting Dead by Doug Lamoreux
(Stylus-Of-Iron Publishing)



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