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Marvel NOW! Review: Iron Man #1

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  • Publisher: Marvel
  • Story By: Kieron Gillen
  • Art By: Greg Land, Jay Leisten (Inker), Guru FX (Colorist)

Marvel NOW! Review: Iron Man #1

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If Marvel was looking for a talented writer to take the mainstream success of the Iron Man character and bring it into a new book with meaning in current continuity as well as appeal to new readers familiar with the films… well, they’ve hit the jackpot with Kieron Gillen. And I want to say I loved this issue. I did love the script. It opens well, has a light-hearted bar scene in the middle with plenty of humor, sets the stakes, brings back Extremis, and lets Tony Stark kick some ass (I first typed ‘Tony Snark’, which somehow seems appropriate). The problem here is not Gillen, who is a worthy successor to Matt Fraction’s four-year Iron Man run. The problem is Greg Land.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with Land’s art; unlike some folks in the industry, he appears to have studied anatomy. When Tony is in his Iron Man suit, he looks great. I’m on board with the black and gold. Outside of the suit, well… his eyes are closed. Everyone’s eyes are closed, and they all wear strangely static, pinched facial expressions. It’s fine on a panel-by-panel basis, but reading an entire issue of it feels like watching wax figures in slow motion. With their eyes closed.

I don’t think Greg Land’s art does the character or story justice. Still, if you’re a fan of the Iron Man movies but have never picked up a comic book, I recommend starting here. There are many familiar characters, the dialogue is spot on, the action sequences are satisfying, and it features Tony successfully disguising himself by shaving off his famous facial hair. Chuckle.


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