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Spoiler Free “Gravity” Review

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  • Release Date: 10/4/2013
  • Running Time: 91 minutes
  • Written By: Alfonso Cuaron, Jonas Cuaron
  • Directed By: Alfonso Cuaron
  • Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris

Spoiler Free “Gravity” Review

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It turns out space is the worst monster there is…

When I left GRAVITY and my brain and nerves were working again, I knew I couldn’t do any part of this film justice in the form of a review. All I could think of were buckets full of praise, but after I slept on it, I wanted to at least string those gushy adjectives into sentences and attempt to describe how unbelievable GRAVITY truly is.

GRAVITY concerns a medical engineer and an astronaut who are probably faced with the most insane (but totally realistic and scary) set of circumstances imaginable, when an accident in space involving destructive debris leaves the two out in limbo, alone, in the everlasting reaches of space and the unknown.

You won’t see a bigger movie this year (or for a long time), or one so intimate. Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for THE BLIND SIDE probably more to do with her immense likability, her wonderful approach, and esteemed class whilst undergoing personal turmoil. If she doesn’t win every award imaginable for GRAVITY, something will have gone terribly wrong, or Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep have a child I didn’t know about. Sandra, who plays Dr. Ryan Stone, delivers a soaring performance and runs the gamut of every emotion, garnering a level of sympathy from an audience that I didn’t think was possible, as she faces a series of obstacles and stakes that should make every other survival movie feel ashamed of themselves.

George Clooney’s Matt Kowalski is a NASA lifer, a fun-loving astronaut who loves to tell stories, and Clooney brings a needed sense of calm, certainty, and humor to the nerve-wracking procedures. He’s what keeps Ryan Stone sane, and us too. It’s some of Clooney’s best work, and that’s saying something.

The real genius behind this film is writer-director Alfonso Cuaron, who displays complete mastery over his craft, and has brought together an immensely talented cast and crew that delivered on every level, creating a visually spectacular and gut-wrenching thriller. That “instant classic” line is bandied about far too often (I’m guilty of this too) to lend any sort of meaning here, but… you’re watching a film that people will be talking about for a very long time.

After this one, the meticulous visionary Alfonso Cuaron lands firmly in the upper echelon of directors (if he wasn’t there already thanks to Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN and CHILDREN OF MEN), and might as well be running out in front of them making funny faces at the competition after this astounding achievement. This film is a testament to what big budget filmmaking can accomplish.

GRAVITY is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, technologically magnificent, and a harrowing masterpiece. Your stomach will be doing somersaults (much like the actors themselves); it’s not an easy movie to watch, and you never know exactly what’s going to happen next. If it wasn’t so purdy, I would’ve closed my eyes several times. This stirring tale of survival is as scary a movie as you’ll see. It’s as terrifying as ALIEN, but instead of a Xenomorph, space is the truest and most awful nemesis imaginable (although I’m not too confident in NASA engineering right now).

So go, stop wasting your time with the internet, and count your lucky stars you’re not among them while witnessing this pulse-pounding, sweat-at-the-edge-of-your-seat thrill ride. See it on as big a screen as possible, in IMAX and 3-D. Trust me. It’s one of the few films that is worthy of such a stage and price. GRAVITY is one of those movies that deserves every superlative, and actually lives up to the miscellaneous hyperbolic statements that will be thrown about constantly when people see this gem (see above).

GRAVITY is as perfect a film as you’ll ever see.


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