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TV Recap: “American Horror Story: Coven” S03 E02 “Body Parts”

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AHS e02


  • Air Date: 10/16/2013
  • Written By: Tim Minear
  • Directed By: Michael Rymer
  • Starring: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Tassia Farmiga, Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe
  • Guest Stars: Kathy Bates, Angela Basset

TV Recap: “American Horror Story: Coven” S03 E02 “Body Parts”

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Hey, did you guys know Stevie Nicks is back? And on tour with a new album? Oh and that Misty Day (Lily Rabe) is apparently going  to be channeling her through this whole season? I wonder who will play Mick Fleetwood… In any event, Misty Day — who we were told died in the first episode — is back thanks to her powers of regeneration. She messes up some alligator hunters because they’re mean and it gives the AHS team a chance to use “Edge of Seventeen”, which is a great song and will now be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

The episode kicks off with Delia rousing her students for morning gathering. Madison and Zoe are reading up on the bus accident and Zoe tries to convince Madison that Kyle wouldn’t have assaulted her. Elsewhere, Fiona is hiding Delphine in her room trying to get her to talk before she joins the group. Bound to a chair and gagged, Delphine is scared and bewildered having just been pulled out of a grave that she lay in for 180 years now with an aging Jessica Lange is questioning her. The human mind can only withstand so much.

In the middle of morning gathering, two detectives enter the school and know an awful lot about Zoe and Madison’s involvement in the bus accident. Zoe cracks after 30 seconds of questioning revealing that Madison flipped the bus because she was raped and that they’re all witches. Fiona enters the scene Jedi mind tricks the detectives in leaving by spitting into their water (natch) and calls out Zoe and Madison for being… weak? She basically goes off on them for not trusting their powers or their coven.

Madison, who’s increasingly more and more like Lindsay Lohan, breaks her and Zoe into a morgue using the cat burglar skills she learned while prepping for a movie. Lindsay, I mean Madison, tells Zoe that she stole a life spell from Delia and they’re going to resurrect Kyle. After they assemble his body and stitch him back together.

Meanwhile, Delia’s having bigger problems (for the time being at least), as she and her husband can’t conceive. While her husband encourages her to use magic, she initially says she wants to do things the old-fashioned way, aka invitro. That is, until a few scenes later when she just casts a spells and they have some witch-y adult time.

Fiona continues to interrogate Delphine on what happened to her. Delphine reveals that after she took the potion she woke up to Maire Laveau killing all of Delphine’s family, making Delphine immortal and sticking her in the ground in an unmarked grave. Here we touch on a theme that I can already feel is going to be a biggie this season, the prayer for death and the end of suffering through the end of life. We get hit pretty hard with it in this scene so I can only imagine the layers of subtlety that Ryan Murphy and company will attack it with in the episodes to come.

In what appears to be a deleted scene from The Craft, Madison and Zoe perform the spell to resurrect Kyle. after a lot of flashing lights and bizarre jump cuts the spell appears not to have worked. Then a hospital worker enters the morgue causing Madison to flee and leaving Zoe to witness that the spell indeed worked but he’s more Frankenstein’s Monster than sensitive frat boy.

Fiona goes to get her hair done in a salon which SHOCK, HORROR is owned by Marie Laveau who is still alive and continues to looking beautiful. Fiona and Marie go back and forth at each other about the history of witchcraft, voodoo, and necromancy. There’s a lot of references, they both speak quickly and quietly and all you really need to know is that these two don’t like each other. But Fiona wants to know how Marie has remained so youthful and if she can get a refund for the crappy extension job.

Meanwhile Delphine gets out into the modern world and is quickly recovered by Fiona. Delphine tells Fiona that she wants to die but Fiona seems to have some kind of plan for her. Zoe drives around with her newly reanimated boyfriend only to have Misty Day pop up and take them back to her place where she starts to heal Kyle’s body and introduces Zoe to the wonderful world of Stevie Nicks who’s entire catalogue you can own on Compact Disc for 0.99 cents!

This episode has me worried. Shoddy writing and exposition, characters hitting plot point after plot point with no real consequence because … um… magic? This is not a good omen, but we’ll keep watching in hopes of getting a fried chicken recipe. Till next time, my White Winged Doves.


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