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Never Before Seen Footage From Stephen King’s “The Night Flier”

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Every day Hollywood is adapting or re-adapting Stephen King’s library of classics, but there are other ways to discover old Stephen King movies.

Case in point, over an hour of NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE from Stephen King’s THE NIGHT FLIER has been uncovered online! Not available on any DVD, this video is packed with oodles of behind-the-scenes footage, a lot of cast and crew chatter, and that totally 90′s time counter on top of everything. If you wanted to know what (or what not) to do when crafting a film adaptation of a Stephen King book, now’s your chance:

THE NIGHT FLIER was a 1997 film directed by Mark Pavia from a horror short story from the master, first published in the PRIME EVIL anthology. The movie stars Miguel Ferrer (IRON MAN 3, CROSSING JORDAN, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, THE STAND), Dan Monahan (PORKY’S series), and Julie Entwisle.


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