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Revoltin’ Reviews: Daniel XIII’s End o’ Summer Blowout!

Holy cats, the Summer o’ Screams™  is rapidly rocketin’ towards a climax, and to that end I present the following epic length column to blow out the metric ton of fright flicks that have … [Read More...]

Ghosts in the Graveyard. promo photo by Alexander K. Harris

Frightful Five: 5 Questions with Electronic Shock Rock Band Ghosts in the Graveyard!

This has truly been a summer of sonic shocks, my creeps, and the arcane audio keeps on a-comin'. Take fer instance the groovy ghoulies that are sittin' here right now: Ghosts in the Graveyard! I … [Read More...]


Frightful Five: 5 Questions with Northmen – A Viking Saga Director Claudio Fäh

Here we go again, o' fiendish readers... another round o' tha Frightful Five... my own lil' interrogation session with some of today's most diabolical die-rectors! Today in the ol' hot seat (it really … [Read More...]


Horror Icon Piper Laurie Fires Up Scares That Care

Article and interview by Kelly Dunn. Celebrities and monster fans from all over the United States spent the weekend of July 24-26 celebrating all things horror for a good cause at the Second Annual … [Read More...]


What Follows IT FOLLOWS: An Interview with Director David Robert Mitchell and Score Composer Disasterpeace

The Cinefamily Theatre in LA has been known to turn up the spooky on Friday nights for their “Friday Night Frights” series. A few weekends ago, my current horror movie obsession, IT FOLLOWS, was … [Read More...]


Revoltin’ Reviews: The Outre Ear (???) of Daniel XIII!

As you know my creeps, I’m usually all about what I can lay my eerie eyeballs upon, but I’m also a huge fan of arcane audios as well! So, to that end, this go-around of the ol’ revoltin’ … [Read More...]