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Video Game Review Rewind: Half-Life 2: Episode Two

If there's one thing that the developer commentary on the HALF-LIFE games has taught me, almost every design is meticulously crafted and planned at Valve Corporation. HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE TWO is no … [Read More...]


COOTIES is a Killer Good Time

"Circle, circle. Dot, dot. Now you have a cootie shot!" This make-believe vaccination is common practice on playgrounds across the nation to guard youngsters from the imaginary pathogen, but what … [Read More...]


Revoltin’ Reviews: The Post-Apocalyptic Films of Enzo G. Castellari

I’m so thankful for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD—not because it’s a great film or brought back a beloved character from my misspent youth or any other such bullsh*ttery. I’m thankful because it made … [Read More...]


Frightful Five: 5 Questions With THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (2014) Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon!

Hey Creeps! Did you fiendish ghouls check out the 2014 reboot of proto-slasher classic  THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN? Let me tell ya, that fright flick was the gruesome goods!   And 'cuz I dug … [Read More...]


NECA’s 8-bit Godzilla Takes Over SDCC

NECA’s 8-Bit Godzilla arrived in the office just before Comic-Con and boy did he make an entrance. He came packaged in an 8-bit video game themed box. I was obsessed immediately. Another … [Read More...]

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Video Game Review Rewind: Half-Life 2: Episode One

If there's one thing I respect about the HALF-LIFE franchise, is that each new addition isn't simply a cash in. Rather than just cutting, pasting, and selling the same old thing, Valve Corporation … [Read More...]