TRANSFORMERS Casts Oscar Winner Anthony Hopkins

The Plot of the Fourth TRANSFORMERS Sequel Is Being Kept Under Wraps

Sir Anthony Hopkins has signed on to play a mystery role in the next TRANSFORMERS film, THE LAST KNIGHT. While known for his appearances in costume dramas like THE LION IN WINTER, THE REMAINS OF THE DAY, and SHADOWLANDS, the Oscar winner is no stranger to genre films, appearing as Odin in the THOR films, Hannibal Lecter in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS series, Hrothgar in BEOWULF, and horror movies like MAGIC, THE RITE, and AUDREY ROSE.

Anthony Hopkins TransformersOne of our most respected working actors, the Welsh septuagenarian has been active for six decades now and been nominated for four Oscars — winning one, for THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS — and has won Emmys, BAFTAs, and even a Saturn Award (for LAMBS).Transformers Mark Wahlberg

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, scheduled for release in 2017, is the fourth sequel in the series based on the Hasbro toy line. Director Michael Bay is set to return after having helmed every installment thus far. Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg is also expected to return, for his second go-round with the Autobots and Decepticons. According to Variety, he’s the only cast member supposed to come back from the previous film, however.

With a career as diverse as Hopkins, it’ll be interesting to see him running from robots. (Or even fighting them.) We’d guess they don’t know what they’re up against in Hannibal Lecter!