If you ever wanted to eat like Leatherface, your nightmares are coming true. Of course, part of the fun will be wondering exactly what you’re eating. …


The landmark previously known as the Last Chance gas station and Bilbo’s Texas Landmark has lain in disrepair for years, but The Guardian reports that Ohio businessman Roy Rose last year bought the filling station featured prominently in the original TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE and plans to turn it into a barbecue joint and a theme park of sorts, celebrating the film and its cannibal clan.


Naming his joint We Slaughter Barbecue, Rose last year told KXAN, a local Texas NBC affiliate, “We’re going to build a horror barbecue resort. We’re going to put cabins in the back for all the fans who want to come and stay the night.”

And that’s not all. There’s going to be a gift shop and an outdoor venue for musical performances! (Conveniently, there’s already THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MUSICAL!)


Keeping it all in the fright family, Rose has even teamed with FRIDAY THE 13TH’s original Jason Voorhees, Ari Lehman, to help develop the Bastrop County property. Last year, Lehman told The Blood-Shed, “Roy’s concept is to create a scary and fun destination that’s a safe place for families, couples, or friends to get together and enjoy the location, get a cabin, and have a blast!”


He added, “I know that fans will travel a long way to see the fully restored TCM gas station, and with a fine Texas Chili Kitchen and stage for live music, this venue will be crowded year round. We’re planning on featuring metal bands, sideshow acts, and even the best in horror burlesque!”

It’s about time the gas station got the star treatment. The house was disassembled, moved, and reassembled in Kingsland, Tex., and now acts as a working restaurant called the Grand Central Café as part of the Antlers Hotel. Pretty fancy for a house of horrors!


It ought to get a big boost of publicity and tourism when the latest CHAIN SAW flick, a prequel called LEATHERFACE — with classy actors like Lili Taylor and Stephen Dorff, no less! — hits screens later this year.


The property is set to open this July, so sharpen your chain saws and let’s schedule a road trip to the Lone Star State! I can’t wait to see what makes the chili so tangy!