Interviews and text by Cameron Hatheway.

legends-of-tomorrowDC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the latest superhero action show apart of the CW’s line-up, featuring a team of time traveling misfits from both Arrow and The Flash franchises. Led by the Time Master Rip Hunter, the team features Hawkman & Hawkgirl, Firestorm, The Atom, White Canary, Captain Cold, and Heatwave, as they travel throughout time trying to keep the villain Vandal Savage from ever fulfilling world domination. Before their WonderCon panel on Sunday, one of the executive producers and a few of the actors took questions at a press junket, and Famous Monsters was in attendance.
marc_guggenheimMarc Guggenheim
(Executive Producer)

When asked if we’ll see the team travel to the future Central City to witness the Flashpoint event, he said not this season but hinted at a return to Central City later in the season. The subject of Earth-2 was brought up, with the question then being if the Waverider is capable of also traveling throughout the Multiverse. As far as we know, the Waverider only travels in time, not other dimensions. If they were to make a story point out of it later, they would need to justify the decision so it doesn’t come off as cheap or lazy.

I then asked what the writers room looks like. Multiple whiteboards for the multiple storylines? “We do have a great number of diagrams and storyboards, and whiteboards,” Guggenheim said. “That being said, I’m always the one in the writer’s room who’s going, ‘You know, by the time episode nine airs, the people who are real sticklers for time travel, they’ve probably tuned out by this point.’ And to use the Doctor Who term, we have our most ‘timey-whimey’ episodes coming up, and episode 12 in particular is a crazy timey-whimey episode…we’re trying to be responsible [with time travel], but at the same time we’re trying to tell the best story possible.”

What storyline vexes the writers the most? “For me personally, the mythology behind the Hawks, though by the end of the season you’ll get a nice, definitive explanation of everything.”

Brandon-RouthBrandon Routh (Ray Palmer/The Atom)

When asked if Ray felt betrayed after being left behind in 1958, Routh responded that Ray probably thought it was a mistake, and he has no doubt the team will be back. “He has faith in Rip Hunter at this point. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed about it. As time progresses, he starts to get a little bit worried, as we’ll see in Thursday’s episode.”

I asked if Ray does return to the present, if he’ll feel that he’s in the same league as the Flash and Green Arrow, or will he still feel like the lovable goofball? “I think at the end of the journey, he’ll probably have a broader understanding of what it means to be a hero, that he won’t be so narrowly focused on competing with anybody.” He went on to explain that Ray isn’t interested in ego and leaving a legacy of Ray Palmer as the Atom and all he accomplished, but rather a legacy of change that would end up making the world a better place.

caity-lotz1Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary)

When it was asked if her dance background helped play a part in doing her own stunts: “I studied martial arts before I did acting. So I would dance, and then I said, ‘Maybe I should do stunts, that sounds like fun,’ before I did acting so I trained a lot in martial arts, and a dance background is ridiculously helpful,” said Lotz. “It’s choreography you’re memorizing, it’s like a dance with the other person, so dance is really helpful. I studied Filipino martial arts, which they do a lot of stick work which is my bo-staff and double sticks, all the weapons stuff. Lots of training, and I like to do most of my fighting.”

How will Sarah react to being left behind in 1958? “She’s pissed! She’s not going to take it well. Heartbroken too, that they just left us there.” They stay in the 1950s for a long time, which adds to the sense of dread of being left behind.

Favorite time period to travel to? “I think the ‘20s. The roaring ‘20s! I like the clothes, it seems very eclectic. I’d go to Berlin when it was a very eclectic arts scene.”

ciara-renee2Ciara Renee (Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl)

Renee explained that Carter Hall is ever present on Kendra’s mind, but at the same time it’s something she’s trying to move forward from, seeing how she thinks she’s never going to see him again in this lifetime.

When asked if we’re ever going to see her singing talents be put to use, “Not this season unfortunately, but I keep crossing my fingers for it, I think it would be really fun. Since we time travel, I love jazz music, so I keep saying, ‘What if we went to the 1930s France?’ it’d be fun.”

When asked if the return of a different Carter seeing Ray and Kendra playing house together in the 1950s might be problematic, she responded, “I think that would be a bit tragic for Ray, especially at that point because it’s a very new relationship. I think it may have started as a little bit of a rebound for her, but in like the most traumatic way possible. I think she’s trying to move forward, but seeing Carter again would really upset all of that I think.”

franz-dramehFranz Drameh (Jefferson Jackson / Firestorm)

And finally, the troublemaker on set, always playing pranks on his fellow castmates. He explained how he enjoys working with Victor Garber as Firestorm, and having fun on set with him, making him take selfies and confusing him with London slang. “Franz, could you please speak English! I don’t know what you mean!” Drameh said imitating Garber. He continued on to say the relationship between Jackson and Stein takes on an almost father/son tone, which he finds quite nice.

When asked about what it was like being in make-up as a hybrid hawk/man creature in the most recent episode, “Yeah that was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed that. I came on set playing Thriller, like I was Michael Jackson in Thriller, doing the whole routine and stuff. It was a lot of fun but it took ages, like 4-5 hours of prosthetics, but they did a really good job and it turned out really well, I was pleased.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns Thursday, March 31 on the CW.