What terror will we find while digging through The Ack-Ives?

Oh no! I came down to browse through the Ack-Ives, and the only magazine on the shelf was Issue 5, which just happens to be the one with the fin-tastic article about CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON! The Ack-Ives are flooded, magazines are spilled over into the water, and there’s a scaley hand with webbed fingers sticking out of the ground… holding a pair of 3D glasses.

Go ahead and flip through this article while I dig down through the murky depths for the other magazines.

I may be gill-ty of overreacting, but I think I just saw something swimming around down here. Should I scale it back a bit? Eh, whats the worst that could happen?

When you finish up, could you help me out of the water? Something in here keeps pulling me under. No rush, though! It’s probably just the creature fro…

Well, that went swimmingly! The Creature must have gotten bored with me and took off. Are you sad you didn’t get to see him? That’s alright, you can still see Ricou Browning, the swimming Creature himself, at the Famous Monsters Halloween Bash!

I’m going to hang these magazines out to dry so we can have something to read next time we come digging through the Ack-Ives