What terror will we find while digging through The Ack-Ives?

Not too long ago, in the Ack-Ives, buried away… We went looking for a Star Wars frenzy for the fourth of May! Hmm… I know we have plenty of magazines with out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars covers down here. There isn’t much good light down here and a lot of these magazines are on the dark side. Those magazines in the light? Those aren’t the magazines you’re looking for. We’re searching in Alderaan places…

AH! Here’s one!

I love this stuff! If you don’t, I find your lack of fandom disturbing. You read this and I’ll continue my quest on the path to the dark side of the room. It should be totally safe over there, right?

I found a box. No magazines… But there’s a flashlight! Let me just turn it.. WOW! Not a flashlight! Haha this is so cool! With this I will rule th…

Uh oh. Somebody else over here has a flashlight…

How was that article? Pretty awesome, right? Me? Oh, I’m fine. I didn’t want to force anything, so I ended it peacefully. How? I fell down and pretended to be dead for a while and he just left.

I’m going to put that magazine away, but if you want to read the other articles you can order the magazine here!

If you don’t have one of those flashlights I found in the back but you want a cool Star Wars experience, you can see the Star Wars cosplay group The Mandalorian Mercs and others at the Famous Monsters Convention.

May the Fourth be with you today and enjoy the Return of the Fifth tomorrow. I’m going to put some lights in down here so we can find what we’re looking for next time we come digging through the Ack-Ives!