What terror will we find while digging through The Ack-Ives?

In honor of the 85th Anniversary of THE MUMMY starring Universal Monsters icon Boris Karloff, we wanted to dig deep into the Ack-Ives and find the very first article Forry ever wrote! We had to dig pretty deep for this classic; down through a shallow grave, past a few skeletons (What are those doing down here? Somebody put those back in the closet where I had them!), and deeper down into the tomb of Im-ho-tep!

Down in this ancient tomb, we found Famous Monsters of Filmland Issue 4!

I swear I heard something in the distance… “Death! Eternal punishment for anyone who opens this book…” Eh, let’s crack it open and see what’s inside, shall we?
I wonder if this magazine is cursed? I’d like to avoid “Death!” and “Eternal punishment”… Well, if we’re cursed, we’re cursed. No point in going back now. Let’s keep reading!

Curses and mummies and scares, oh my! I think it may be time to return this magazine back into The Ack-Ives.

Haven’t gotten your fix of Mummy Madness?! Come see what we have planned for the 85th Anniversary of THE MUMMY at the Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas!