The doctor is in the house!

Eriq La Salle, who spent 15 seasons in scrubs on ER, has joined the cast of the upcoming WOLVERINE sequel. While details on both the plot of the film and La Salle’s character are murky, we do know that Hugh Jackman is back to play the titular mutant, along with Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Stephen Merchant and the criminally underused Richard E. Grant in mystery roles, and Boyd Holbrook as an unnamed villain.


La Salle has toiled primarily in television, appearing in series like 24, A GIFTED MAN, and UNDER THE DOME. His last feature credit is in a 2006 crime drama called JOHNNY WAS.


The new WOLVERINE film is slated for release March 3, 2017, and will (supposedly) be Jackman’s last time to don the claws.