It’s an honor just to be nominated … But who are we kidding? We also want to win! We’re quite gracious winners. Just help us win and you’ll see! And you CAN help us win now that we’ve been nominated for SEVEN Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards! (That’s as many as Rick Baker has won Oscars! Coincidence? I think not.)


We’ve been recognized for:

• Best Magazine of 2015

• Best Article for “What BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN Can Teach Today’s Filmmakers” by Peter Martin from issue #281

• Best Interview for Mel Brooks on YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, interviewed by our own illustrious editor, David Weiner, for issue #277

• Best Interview for John Logan, creator of PENNY DREADFUL, interviewed by Joe Moe for issue #279

• Best Magazine Cover for our image of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN by the aforementioned seven-time Oscar winner Rick Baker, fronting issue #281

• Best Fan Event for our TREMORS 25th Anniversary reunion, cosponsored by Creature Features

• Best Horror Comic for MONSTER WORLD by FM publisher Philip Kim and Steve Niles from our American Gothic Press imprint


We truly are humbled by the attention. We couldn’t do it without you, faithful readers. Your loyalty and support are the reason we do what we do. Everything we do (we do it for you). (Bryan Adams: He endures.)

So cruise over to to check out the list of nominees and cast your votes for us! All you have to do is email your choices to David Colton at [email protected] by midnight, Sunday, April 10.

This year’s awards are dedicated to Sir Christopher Lee, who left this mortal coil last July after gracing us with 278 (!!) appearances in film and television, including such indelible roles as Saruman in the LORD OF THE RINGS films, Count Dooku in some of the STAR WARS films, and Count Dracula in countless films. (Not to mention Stefan Crosscoe in HOWLING II: YOUR SISTER IS A WEREWOLF.)