Nobody does monsters quite like Gahan Wilson.

The quirky and prolific cartoonist (profiled in Famous Monsters of Filmland #277) is the subject of a fantastic documentary by Stephen-Charles Jaffe; BORN DEAD, STILL WEIRD, which is now streaming on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Google Play.

Not only are Wilson’s creepy and quirky cartoons exactly what the doctor ordered here at FM — a kind of FAR SIDE for monster lovers — Jaffe’s documentary is a must-watch. It’s thorough, moving, inspiring to those of us determined to pursue our own quirky endeavors, and features interview segments with artists from all walks of life: Stan Lee, Stephen Colbert, Neil Gaiman, Guillermo del Toro, and more.


BORN DEAD, STILL WEIRD is not the only collaboration between Jaffe and Wilson: their animated short “A Dark and Silly Night”, adapted from a story by Gaiman himself, is what might happen if Tom Savini made a Saturday morning cartoon. Innocently enough, a couple of kids throw a Halloween party in a graveyard… and end up literally waking the dead. The ghoul designs are the perfect embodiment of Gahan Wilson’s weird world, and the animation is a fitting accompaniment to Jaffe’s documentary.

Watch the “A Dark and Silly Night” below:


Generous Monster Kids, there is currently a GoFundMe dedicated to Gahan Wilson’s ongoing medical costs. Go here to donate.