In the wake of Famous Monsters’ unfortunate cancellation of their Halloween Event, the show producers and San Jose venue the GlassHouse have chosen to go forward with the Friday night dance party as a fundraiser for Santa Rosa Firestorm Aid.

The party was originally planned as an auxiliary event for the Famous Monsters Halloween Convention, but during the second week of October, fierce winds in the Sonoma County area fanned the flames of at least twenty wildfires in Northern California, destroying countless homes and businesses in the area and spreading smoke pollution as far as San Francisco. The convention was officially cancelled, but efforts to produce a fundraiser have resulted in the GlassHouse, Dynamic Cosplay, and Cosplay with Pride sponsoring a new event called “Sponsor a Monster Halloween Party” that will take the place of FM’s Friday night event on October 27, 9:00 PM – 1:30 AM.

See promoter’s letter below.

To our fans:

It has been 17 days since the fires erupted here in Northern California. As I write this, there are still six major fires burning with 90% or greater containment. The skies are mostly blue and clear again, but there are times of the day when the wind shifts and we can still smell that distinctive smell. It’s a bit unsettling. The FM office is still closed until further notice as we wait for cleanup to take place. You can imagine how overwhelmed the local services, suppliers, rental facilities, and tradespeople might be at this point, trying to clean up smoke damage and other secondary issues caused by an event like this.

Some pretty distressing facts that are emerging from this fire:

-Almost 3,000 homes were lost, and more than 5,000 structures were burned up. (LA Times & Press Democrat)
-406 Doctors and medical professionals (one out of six Santa Rosa doctors) have lost their homes. (Press Democrat)
-Only three Sonoma County shelters are still open, down from 20 to 30 during the peak of the fire. (San Francisco Chronicle)
-People have lost their homes and their jobs, and when the last of the shelters close, the displaced will be in limbo. (San Francisco Chronicle)

The list of unfortunate facts goes on.

Though Famous Monsters Halloween Convention has been cancelled, our friends at The GlassHouse have decided to continue the Friday Night Halloween Party. They are dedicating all ticket sales to the relief efforts currently under way in Santa Rosa. Famous Monsters is not benefiting from any part of the donation, as your generosity will go directly to Santa Rosa Fire Storm Aid.

Come to The GlassHouse in San Jose (2 South Market Street, San Jose, CA) for a party with heart. This Monstrous Halloween Fundraiser will be gathering donations for victims and recovery efforts related to the Napa and Sonoma fires, featuring Cosplay with Pride and hundreds of costume fans from all over the Bay Area. The music will be amazing, from the great St. John of station 97.7 and Housenation to DJ Sean Bass and an opening set by DJ Dirty Girl.

$25 suggested donation at the door. If you can’t party with us but would still like to donate, we will post a link for online donations in the next day or so on the event’s official Facebook page.