It’s hump day but that doesn’t mean it needs to be slump day! Get your midweek jolt of pop-culture goodness here!

• Mystic Falls is losing its original resident witch. Kat Graham has announced she’s leaving THE VAMPIRE DIARIES after Season 8 of the supernatural soap. We’re currently in Season 7, so don’t start weeping for Bonnie just yet. After suffering the loss of its female star, Nina Dobrev, on whom the entire series revolved, the show has struggled this season to find its balance. The CW has already renewed TVD for next season, so we’re guaranteed at least one more year in Virginia with the hunky Salvatore brothers and friends. Hey, silver lining time: the characters on this show have died and come back so many times it’s almost comical, so maybe this is an opportunity for the show to really, honestly, seriously kill off one of the core ensemble!


• DreamWorks dropped a sneak peek at Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming animated Netflix series TROLLHUNTERS. (Not to be confused with this TROLL HUNTER.) The Oscar nominee, who brought us classics like PAN’S LABYRINTH, HELLBOY, and THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, is taking two BFFs underground to a world “as vast and mind-blowing as anything on the surface.” Del Toro’s a master of fantasy so we were already sold, but this purple image has our interest piqued. No drop date has been announced, but we’re ready to pop the corn for a good, long binge!

• Disney released a featurette spotlighting the actors voicing the animals in the studio’s remake of THE JUNGLE BOOK. With an all-star cast, including Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Sir Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, and Christopher Walken, who do you think most closely matches the animal they’re portraying? Based on Rudyard Kipling’s classic collection of short stories, Disney’s animated JUNGLE BOOK, released in 1967, was a massive financial and critical success, nabbing an Oscar nom for Best Original Song for “The Bare Necessities” and becoming the fourth highest-grossing film that year. Think this new one will match that success? Check it out here and let me know!


• Tombstones: Author and filmmaker Frank De Felitta died Tuesday in LA. The Emmy-nominated documentarian was 94. He wrote both the best-selling novels and the screenplays of the 1977 possession thriller AUDREY ROSE and the underrated 1982 Barbara Hershey possession thriller THE ENTITY (seems he had a thing for possession thrillers!). Sadly he died from complications of dementia.