Another Tuesday, another round-up! But first a riddle: What do Elton John, IRON FIST, and the X-FILES have in common? They’re all in today’s Harker’s Hits!

• You loved the X-FILES when it came back this year. You must have more. And now you can! The Blu-ray and DVD are dropping June 14. (That’s 63 days, kids! Start counting your pennies!) You’ll be able to relive every moment and search for clues with Mulder, Scully, Reyes, Skinner, and the Smoking Man. You’ll find commentary on several episodes; “Monsters of the Week,” a recap of some of the craziest creatures who crashed the series; and even a gag reel (you know you like to see Duchovny laugh!), in among other treats and treasures. Pre-order here!


• Despite the divisive reception to BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, Ben Affleck’s not quite ready to give up his onscreen alter ego. The Wrap reports that Warner Bros. chairman Kevin Tsujihara confirmed at Las Vegas’ CinemaCon that the Oscar winner will direct a standalone Batman flick. He’s set to reprise the role in SUICIDE SQUAD and the two-part JUSTICE LEAGUE, but there was no indication if he’d be throwing on the cowl again for the project he’s going to helm. Would be weird for him to direct someone else in the iconic role when he’s still got at least three more turns at bat. But stranger things have happened. And we hear Val Kilmer’s available!


The Hollywood Reporter shares that Aussie David Wenham (Faramir in THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Carl in VAN HELSING, Dilios in 300) is joining Marvel’s Netflix series IRON FIST. He’ll play Harold Meachum, a “ruthless corporate leader” who knew Iron Fist’s parents before their deaths. Not much beyond that has been revealed, though “ruthless corporate leader” SCREAMS BAD GUY!


• Pop star/piano man Elton John (sorry, that’s SIR Elton John to us plebes) is in talks to join the next installment in the KINGSMAN series. Matthew Vaughn’s sequel to his 2014 smash — with a subtitle of THE GOLDEN CIRCLE — will film in London. John joins a strong cast including Taron Egerton, who really broke out in the original; Oscar winners Halle Berry and Julianne Moore; and BAFTA nominee Mark Strong. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Firth is apparently still in talks, but we remain hopeful he’ll return. John doesn’t have many acting credits (aside from playing himself) but the flamboyant performer has enough stage presence to take to a sound stage just as easily!


• While Harrison Ford famously wasn’t always keen on playing Han Solo, he clearly has some affection for the role and George Lucas’ series because he keeps coming back. And now he’s GIVING back. The Oscar nominee auctioned off Solo’s jacket from this last installment (THE FORCE AWAKENS, in case you’ve been on another planet or were just born today) and made a cool $191,000, which he is donating to FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures) and the NYU Langone Medical Center both of which help treat epilepsy. Ford’s 26-year-old daughter, Georgia, suffers from the disease and has been treated at the NYC medical centers. He even autographed the jacket, so the price of that thing is going to appreciate dramatically and quickly!

You could have owned this!

You could have owned this!

• In related STAR WARS news but on a more serious note, Jake Lloyd, who played Anakin Skywalker as a child in THE PHANTOM MENACE, was transferred to a psychiatric hospital from a jail where he’d been serving time for ten months. After being arrested following a high-speed chase in South Carolina, he was paying his societal debt in a cell, but his mother, Lisa, tells TMZ that once Jake had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, the authorities determined that “he needed help more than punishment.” Mental illness is no laughing matter. We send warmest wishes to Jake and his family.