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Newly discovered 40 year old Star Wars Photos

Phil Tippett is an FX legend. From his work on the original STAR WARS trilogy through the ROBOCOP trilogy to the TWILIGHT quartet (er, Saga), his fingerprints are all over Sci-Fi, fantasy, and horror of the past four decades. He’s won two Oscars (and been nominated for four more), worked with some of the biggest directors in the business (Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Paul Verhoeven), and even has a dinosaur species (Elaphrosaurus philtippettorum) named after him!

And while it’s been 40 years since A NEW HOPE, Tippett is still pulling off magic tricks: he’s just discovered a roll of film (Remember those??) taken on the set of that first venture into the STAR WARS universe. That’s not just gold, that’s platinum to the tens of millions of fans around the world. With STAR WARS mania at a deafening roar, its devotees are beside themselves with anticipation for any morsel, and we’ve got some behind-the-scenes samples right here:

Star Wars Holochess_result

Star Wars Cantina_result

Tippett is the man responsible for the iconic chess scene in A NEW HOPE (which also got a nod in the recent THE FORCE AWAKENS) and to that end, he has created a HoloChess game that we can play in real life!

The game, HOLOGRID: MONSTER BATTLE, is “a hybrid CCG/turn-based tactical strategy game, brought to you by Tippett Studio and HappyGiant. With the goal to defeat your opponent’s Champion, the game uses team and spell-based combat, set on an AR tabletop–like playing board, allowing intense battles to take place.” Check out this teaser video for a taste of what’s to come!

Tippett started a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the production of the game. You can check that out here and donate if you want to help a brother out. There are only five days left to pitch in! If you need extra incentive, a new Reward Tier on the Kickstarter gives backers a never-before-released 8x10 shot from the set of STAR WARS both taken and signed by Tippett!

And to REALLY whet your appetite, demos will be played at select stores across the country, so you can check it out in person. What better way to get a feel for a game than by playing it? (Find a complete list of participating stores below.)

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the creatures Tippett is creating for the game. They’re physical models that will be photogramatized into characters you’ll be able to play and fight.

(To see what went into creating the chess game for THE FORCE AWAKENS, there’s also this behind-the-scenes video of Tippett on the set working his magic!)

Of course, the Berkeley-born Tippett isn’t known only for STAR WARS. He talked to Famous Monsters for our current issue about the 1980 film DRAGONSLAYER and what went into creating the most realistic (at the time) dragon ever put on celluloid. Buy the issue on newsstands or digitally at!

The list of stores taking part in the game demos is below. See if your favorite is hosting! And check out the game’s website for more info:

Samurai Comics Phoenix

1051 E. Camelback Rd.

Phoenix, AZ

Samurai Comics Mesa

1120 S. Country Club Dr.    

Mesa, AZ

Samurai Comics Glendale

6808 N. Dysart Rd. 

Glendale, AZ

Gryphon Games & Comics

1119 W. Drake Rd. C-30

Fort Collins, CO

Heroes Landing

12348 Roper Blvd.

Clermont, FL

Quest Comic Shop

225 Lovvorn Rd.

Carrollton, GA

High Energy Vintage

429 Somerville Ave.

Somerville, MA

Memory Lane Comics

5214 Market St., Unit #105

Wilmington, NC

Ground Zero Omaha

4601 S. 50 St., Suite #103

Omaha, NE

Kings Games

1685 E. 15th St.

Brooklyn, NY

BP Sports Cards and Memorabilia, Inc.

38 N. Main St.

Florida, NY


26636 Brookpark Rd. EXT

North Olmsted, OH

Wild Things Games

241 Commercial St. NE

Salem, OR

Guardian Games

345 SE Taylor St.

Portland, OR

Comic Books 101

116 1/2 W. Spring St.

Titusville, PA

Neverending Stories (Comic Books 101)

1252 Liberty St. 

Franklin, PA

Planet Comics    

2704 N. Main St.

Anderson, SC

Rainbow Comics and Cards

3310 S. Minnesota Ave.

Sioux Falls, SD

Space Cadets Collection Collection

27326 Robinson Rd., Suite #117 

Oak Ridge North, TX

8th Dimension Comics & Games

15210 West Road 

Houston, TX

Dicehead Games

200 Paul Parkway #12

Cleveland, TN

Collector’s Alley

1229 Hampshire Pike

Columbia, TN

DNA Comics

20032 HWY 59 N.

Humble, TX

Quarterstaff Games

152 Church St.

Burlington, VT

Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming

9201 Mall Road

Morgantown, WV