In the rougher parts of central Los Angeles, a secret organization called NICE is collecting peculiar antique objects… and killing people for them.

But as far as Kevin and Jose are concerned, it’s a job. A very well-paying job that they can half-ass and still be paid for, as evidenced when they drive off and leave their hitman brutally murdered by his supposed target.

Said target, Detective Hanin, has her own motivations — some involving a secret she’s kept from the force. And that secret might be at the very core of what NICE is plotting to do.

NICE is a violent mystery with moments of surreality and black comedy, and the first issue is OUT NOW from Famous Monsters’ comic book division American Gothic Press, in association with Echo Lake Entertainment.

“[It’s] the idea of douchebag hipster assassins in Los Angeles doing this really dark, wild work but kind of not giving a sh-t and talking about nothing all the time,” co-creator Dagen Walker tells FM in Issue 290. His writing partner Joseph Ettinger adds, “Their pitiful conversations against the intensity of what they’re actually doing is really darkly funny to us.”

Brought to life by artist Marc Rene and colorist Dennis Calero, NICE takes on a vibrant, neon glow reminiscent of noir films like DRIVE and NIGHTCRAWLER while retaining a brtual streak of violence.

NICE Issue 1 comes with two covers, one by interior artist Marc Rene and one by comics star Tula Lotay (SUPREME: BLUE ROSE). Issue 2 will ship with covers by Rene and comics superstar David Mack (DAREDEVIL).

You can learn more about NICE at our sister site, American Gothic Press, or just click the link below to sign up for regular updates. To order, contact your local comic shop and spread the word!