• RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD

  • WRITTEN BY: Robert Ryan

  • DIRECTED BY: Marlene Mc’Cohen

  • STARRING: Brian Lally, Marlene Mc’Cohen, Robert Woods

Look at that title. Just look at it. I wonder what film currently in theaters (as of this writing anyway) this is trying to gently, nay, nearly subliminally bring to mind? That’s right, NEON DEMON. … Anyway, let’s fasten our tinfoil caps and don our “We heart Roswell” T-shirts and join the ranks of the INDEPENDENCE WARS INSURGENCE.

Well, to kick things off, I haven’t seen the new INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel, but I can state with almost pinpoint accuracy that it has nothing to do with a spaceship turning people into alien-controlled zombies. I can also say that, excluding exteriors, ID4.2.867-5309 takes place on more than two sets. INDEPENDENCE WARS INSURGENCE, however, concerns the adventures of a UFO (which looks for all the world like it blasted straight off the cover of Boston’s eponymous 1976 album) zooming around, turning hapless folks into zombies over the Spartan sprawl of a desert, a military base HQ, and a suburban house or two. All of this intertwines with the story of a military commander and his daughters caught up on ground zero of said zombie action (along with their significant others, one of whom is a fighter pilot, which, of course drives a lot of this flick’s action sequences).


I have “more than a feeling” that some ’70s album art was utilized for reference for this INDEPENDENCE WARS INSURGENCE UFO

As you may assume, this film was created with a budget of about one latte Roland Emmerich drank when he drove to the set of ID4.2. Comprised of dodgy CG (the jet planes are the worst offender, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t love the hell out of the UFO, which doubtlessly fared better without a real-world counterpart to compare its realism, or lack thereof, to), the acting runs the gamut as well; some of the players are stronger than others, but none of them make me believe that appearing in films isn’t just something they do on every second Saturday of the month.


What do you mean we’re changing the title of the film from INTERSTELLAR WARS to INDEPENDENCE WARS INSURGENCE? Won’t that just make people accidentally pick up our film thinking it’s … oh, carry on!

Now, while what I mentioned above may seem slightly damning there are a few points I wish to stress about this flick, namely that while the actors may not be Streep-grade they sure as hell seem committed and like they’re having a great time (the outtakes that play during the end credits seem to confirm this), and honestly, that goes a long way with me. You can tell the folks behind this movie are aware it’s not the greatest thing ever, but they are giving it their all with a lot of heart, which, if we are honest with ourselves, the folks working on the new INDEPENDENCE DAY are most likely not.

If you love alien invasion flicks, and you have to see them all, you could do worse than INDEPENDENCE WARS INSURGENCE. What it lacks in polish and technical proficiency it makes up for with earnestness and heart. … Plus, that Boston mothership makes me want to sing Amanda really loud and that scores a lot of points with yours cruelly.