•             RELEASE DATE: Available Now on Blu-ray
•             WRITTEN BY: Wolf Lowenthal, Lloyd Battista, Gene Quintano, Tony Anthony
•             DIRECTED BY:
Ferdinando Baldi
•             STARRING: Tony Anthony, Gene Quintano, Victoria Abril

Now, to end this thing on a truly odd note, here’s a review of a spaghetti western (it’ll kinda make sense, I promise)!

The story of COMIN’ AT YA! is a simple one: a bride is abducted on her wedding day, and her beau H.H. (Anthony) is severely injured. Time passes, his wounds heal, and H.H. heads out on the lonely trail of vengeance as he aims to put the hurt on the guilty parties and find his bride-to-be.

Now, eagle-eyed creeps may remember I reviewed one of Tony Anthony’s flicks a while back—the supernatural-tinged, ARMY OF DARKNESS-resemblin’ GET MEAN. Well, this flick is sorta cut from the same cloth. While not really a horror film by any means, COMIN’ AT YA! contains tons of genre atmosphere. This gem is packed with wind ravaged ghost towns (complete with cemeteries), bloodthirsty bats, people getting tortured by rats, and plenty of spilled blood in the name of violent revenge.

Another thing this wacky lil’ number is filled with is “in your face” camera shots, which isn’t surprising seeing as how this is a 3D flick and all. All manner of s–t gets the treatment: snakes, rats, grapes, guns, knives, a baby’s ass (wait, what?!). Of course, watching it in non-3D (you can watch the flick in either format on this release) provides a truly surreal experience, as objects are oddly thrust into the camera for no good reason.

Another fantastically strange element of this film is it’s arthaus aesthetic. The use of black and white in some scenes is truly bat-s–t, as figures become grey scale within full color backgrounds (this is brought to an amazingly awesome ending during the end credits… I kinda wish the whole film looked like that actually), and there are prolonged sequences containing zero dialogue where the score, violence, and craziness do all the talking.

I also have to mention that I truly believe Quentin Tarantino cribbed the opening of KILL BILL VOL.1 from this flick, as it opens on a black and white wedding sequence in a small town that erupts into violence (besides the other Western influences he borrowed from, that is).

Surreal, arty, and just plain weird, COMIN’ AT YA! kicks a fairly sizeable amount of ass. It’s a cool lil’ revenge flick with off-kilter gothic flourishes and pretty much unlike anything you’ve ever seen while remaining faithful to the traditions of the genre. A must for any lover of outré, out-there cinema!


How about a quick interview to bring this lil’ gem of a column home, my creeps? And as fate or a well-calculated PR move would have it, we have Andrea Monier of the new fright flick ALL HALLOWS’ EVE 2 here in the Crypt o’ XIII!


Famous Monsters. How did ya come to be involved in the horror biz of ALL HALLOWS’ EVE 2, and what was the shoot like?

Andrea Monier. I have worked with the folks at Ruthless in several films and really enjoyed the first ALL HALLOWS’ EVE. I also am very familiar with Hollywood Shorts and their quality films. I had seen some of the shorts involved in the second with films from directors like Jay Holben, Bryan Norton, the Kondelik brothers, and others, and was stoked to be a part of this version. The shoot was fairly contained with a small crew due to the nature of a wrap around story, which is to provide the framing for the shorts. The focus of ALL HALLOWS’ EVE 2 is really to showcase the awesome spooky shorts.    

FM. You mentioned you dug the first ALL HALLOWS’ EVE?

AM. Yes… I had worked with Damian Leone (the director of the first ALL HALLOWS’ EVE) before. He has a fantastic mind, and Art the Clown is definitely a character that makes your skin crawl.

FM. You have a lot of experience in the horror biz; is there any type of character you’d like to play in the genre that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

AM. I feel lucky to be a part of the horror community! The fans are very knowledgeable and really know their genre! I would love to play a villain at some point. I play the good girl most of the time, but like every actress, I would love to play a psychologically challenging role, and maybe the bad girl.

FM. Are you a fright flick fan, and if so what are some of your favs?

AM. I do like horror films, especially psychological-focused ones. I love a good story whatever the genre, and a unique take on old ideas. I love A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN; two fantastic vampire films that are completely unique and masterpieces in their own right. I also love a good classic horror—ROSEMARY’S BABY and THE EXORCIST are two of my favorites.

FM. Where can The Coffin Club keep up on your future projects?

AM. I have a website, Facebook, and Instagram!

FM. Fangs, Andrea!


And if yer curious, here’s what I thought of the film!

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