You could say Rick Baker knows a thing or two about making monsters.

He was first featured as an up-and-comer in the pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland in 1974 (“Rick Baker, Monster Maker”). After a career-spanning coup of films like AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, THE WOLFMAN, and MEN IN BLACK, Baker is now a special effects makeup superstar, seven-time Oscar winner, and continued friend and cover artist of Famous Monsters.

His latest project is a limited edition sculpt of the greatest villain in DC Comics: the Joker. First unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con, the DC Collectibles release boasts a stunning visage of the Joker’s beady eyes and famed over-stretched grin, made horrific in the way only a monster makeup maestro could.

“The Joker is one of the most notorious Super-Villains of all time, and I had a blast depicting his twisted and demented personality through this bust,” says Baker. “The DC Collectibles team was great to work with and gave me complete creative freedom to bring my version of the character to life.”

As a special behind-the-scenes bonus, DC has just released a timelapse video of Baker’s artistic process, from the initial glass eyes stuck in clay on cardboard to glorious 3-D sculpture. Monster makers, get schooled:


If you want a Rick Baker Joker bust of your very own, the statue is currently on pre-order and will be shipped — appropriately enough — on Halloween! There will be two versions available, Ultimate and Standard Edition, each standing a life-size 22 inches tall.

Details and images follow below.

Ultimate Edition: Limited to only 50 pieces (numbered 1-50). Produced from Baker’s original molds, offering fans a version that is just one step removed from the Academy Award winner’s original creation. The bust showcases Baker’s original paint colors for The Joker’s shirt and vest. Each bust will contain a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Baker.
MSRP: $1500.00

Standard Edition: Limited to only 150 pieces (numbered 1-150). Features The Joker sporting an orange shirt and purple vest.
MSRP: $1000.00

To read the complete interview with Baker, go to the DC Comics website.