So much good TV, so little time. … We’re all busy so I sorted through the upcoming series to highlight a few that I think have potential. Let me know what shows you’re looking forward to in the comments!

May 22


Expectations are high for this adaptation of the revered comic series. Dominic Cooper (CAPTAIN AMERICA, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER, DRACULA UNTOLD) plays the titular preacher, who lives in a dusty Texas town and who is imbued with a special power. With a character named Tulip and an Irish vampire in the mix, this is going to be one weird, wild ride!


May 30


Did you guess whodunit last year? I had a sprinkling of an inkling. … (A year later, I’m still afraid to spoil it!) Season 2 kicks off with Emma returning to Lakewood after taking some time to recover from the horrors of last summer, while Noah edges closer to the truths that weren’t revealed. Will you figure it out this year? My bet’s on Brooke!


June 3

OUTCAST — Cinemax

THE WALKING DEAD creator, Robert Kirkman, adapts his comic series about a man seeking answers to why he’s been possessed by various supernatural entities his entire life. With Kirkman’s successful track record, I wouldn’t bet against this one!


June 13


In this new comic thriller from THE GOOD WIFE’s creators, Robert and Michelle King, Mary Elizabeth Winstead discovers that Washington has been taken over by aliens. Wait. My bad. It’s a docudrama.


July 15


Winona Ryder plays a mother who finds herself facing supernatural forces as she searches for her missing son in 1980s Indiana. Perhaps she can befriend them like she did the ghosts in BEETLEJUICE.