Our First Thoughts on The Last Jedi Trailer

By the force, it’s finally freakin’ here! The teaser trailer for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI has arrived, and all of us here at Famous Monsters are as giddy as Luke getting a kiss from his sister. Er… That took a weird turn. In any case, these two minutes of intergalactic goodness are breathtaking and quite informative, with some possible foreshadowing.

Start with the first 10 seconds, which are amazingly done as we are seamlessly taken from a starry outer space shot into a rocky exterior mountain where BAM, Rey, our newest Jedi-in-training, is catching her breath. When we see the close-up of Rey using the force with the rocks are floating around her hand, it’s reminiscent of Superman’s first flight in MAN OF STEEL: so magical. I mean “magical” in the sense that there’s a little Padawan in you going “YAY, Jedis are coming back!”


Honestly, this trailer has a few moments that feel like a flashback to other beloved films, like the glorious wide shot of Rey on the mountain wielding the lightsaber. Doesn’t it bring you back 33 years to Danny Russo in the KARATE KID, practicing his crane kick heard around the world? Granted, Rey is far more bad-ass.


Besides beautiful shots of landscapes, it wouldn’t be STAR WARS without a war… and oh, how the war wages on! We are blessed with more on-planet dog fights with the Millennium Falcon and, as in every “part 2” of the STAR WARS franchise, we get the sense the Dark Side will get the upper hand by the end of this film. There are quick clips of Poe Dameron’s X-Wing getting blown to smithereens and what seems like Luke falling to his knees after seeing a building blow up. Could Leia have been inside when it was obliterated? Did Luke fail to save another loved one?

With the exception of Han Solo, it would appear the whole FORCE AWAKENS crew has reassembled. Even Captain Phasma has climbed her way out the trash compactor for a chance at redemption. But where is our oversized furball, Chewbacca? Looking for vengeance possibly for his fallen brother in arms, or maybe helping our new rebel bad-ass Finn recuperate from massive back injury?



One thing is for sure, for the next 8 months we’re going to be wondering what Luke means when he says “it’s time for the Jedi to end”. Is that a complete thought? Does he finish it with “…this war”? Do the Jedi have to die to create peace? Will Rey have to join the Dark Side to defeat the Dark Side? Will they need to embrace both the light and the dark to evolve into another form of force-wielder all together? Can December be tomorrow so we don’t have to wait any more???


STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI releases nationwide December 15th, 2017.