SyFy’s VAN HELSING has found its lead in Kelly Overton. The 13-episode take on the myth of Dracula will star Overton as the granddaughter of legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing who is resurrected five years in the future to find that vampires have taken over the world.

So she starts off dead? Or has she been cryogenically frozen specifically to be preserved until her talents — whatever those may be — are needed? In what five-years-ahead future does this take place? If her grandfather was, say, 35 at the time of DRACULA (published in 1897), his child could conceivably be an infant around then and would have its own child perhaps 30 years later, meaning approximately 1930. So going by Overton’s real-life age of 37, and adding in those five years she’s dead (or whatever), this would be 1972?


Lots of questions, but for me, the biggest mystery is why her name is Vanessa Helsing versus Vanessa VAN Helsing. Maybe her family dropped a syllable while she was sleeping? Couldn’t afford it with the rise in price of vampire-hunting weapons?

Regardless, Overton has a lot of genre cred, having appeared in THE RING TWO, TRUE BLOOD, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. And coming from writer/showrunner Neil LaBute, best known for biting comedies like IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, NURSE BETTY, and YOUR FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS, we should be able to expect some quality (the WICKER MAN remake notwithstanding).


The Hollywood Reporter says that production on VAN HELSING (maybe just HELSING?) begins next week for a fall premiere. Just in time for Halloween!