When you think of characters who are designed to go chibi, Shin Godzilla is probably not at the top of your list.

Chibi is Japanese for, more or less, “tiny person”, and it generally refers to anime and manga characters who have been “super-deformed” — that is, metaphorically hit over the head with a mallet until their legs are virutally nonexistent but the size of their head hasn’t changed. Squat. Smooshed.

Nowadays, of course, we have been inundated with Funko’s Pop! Vinyls, all of which are arguably super-deformed, and the “chibi” phenomenon is much less novel than it used to be. Everyone from Michael Jackson to C-3PO has received the Funko treatment, and the whole thing is arguably encroaching on Beanie Baby territory (for those of you born post-1996, don’t ask).

But as if to prove that Funko doesn’t have a monopoly on everything cute yet, every now and then a toy company chibi-fies something that should be horrifying. Look at this Chibi Colossal Titan playset from ATTACK ON TITAN — is he cute or what?

Suffice to say that in the actual anime and/or live action film adaptations, the Colossal Titan is decidedly NOT cute. Rather, a single swat from this guy would send you to the grave.

But hey, smoosh a horrifying monster into the ground hard enough and any of them can be adorable, right? Or such must have been the motivation behind X-Plus’s new chibi Shin Godzilla figure.

In case you are somehow not aware… this is Shin Godzilla:

Yes, that thing is its tail. Yes, it is the stuff of nightmares. But did that stop X-Plus? Of course not!

OH MY GOD, it’s so cute and little! I want a chew toy version for my dog!

If it doesn’t chew my dog up first.

Seriously, despite its small stature, this Shin Godzilla has retained all of its sinister glory. Points to anyone who puts this guy into a toy battle with Hello Kitty.

X-Plus’s Shin Godzilla, first of their DefoReal series, will be available at most major online retailers by June of 2017.