“LOGAN’S RUN pre-figured many things, like the malling of America, these great, giant indoor spaces that were soon anywhere, and plastic surgery on demand. There was a certain prophetic truth to what it was positing about the future.” — Michael York to Famous Monsters magazine

LOGAN’S RUN co-stars Michael York and Jenny Agutter reunite in the pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine four decades after the debut of their iconic, dystopian Sci-Fi classic in exclusive new interviews with FMoF editor David WeinerThe brand-new interviews appear in the new issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland #286 — on newsstands and digitally at Magzter.com on June 7, and available now at CaptainCo.com.

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Here are excerpts from the interviews:


On her racy wardrobe and the open sexuality of LOGAN’S RUN, Agutter says, “The nature of the film was in showing a society that also was meant to be fairly open-minded and not a restricted society. They’re people that find their sexuality easily. It’s meant to be a very free, open world. If we’d all been dressed up like Victorians, it wouldn’t have worked.”

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“The producers were looking for the Holly character, and I went to a friend of mine’s house. They had a tennis court, and there, on the tennis court was this vision of loveliness, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, with this hair. I found out she was an actress, so I went back the next day and told casting that I had seen this wonderful girl and that they should contact her.” He quips, “So, I am responsible entirely for Farrah Fawcett’s amazing career.”

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X-MEN: APOCALYPSE co-scribe Simon Kinberg is the latest to take a stab at a LOGAN’S RUN reboot, envisioning it as a sort of HUNGER GAMES–type franchise. Agutter suggests, “They would be wise to go back to the book and make it that much younger, because I think it just adds a different kind of an edge to it. Make it very gritty. Do it with 21-year-olds. Just really make it this weird world run by kids.”

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York has been struggling with a rare and destructive blood-plasma disorder called amyloidosis that strikes a very small percent of the population: “It’s a disease that is pernicious because it gets constantly misdiagnosed because there’s so few of us: 5,000 worldwide, and 3,000 in North America. For drug companies to spend money on that handful doesn’t make sense. But this year the first amyloidosis drugs are coming on the market, and now we have to persuade the FDA to speed up the human trials, because people are still dying; I’ve met them.”

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York had surgery, and happily reports that it was very successful: “Four years ago I had a stem-cell transplant, which then was probably the only way to deal with it, and it was very successful. I’ve had a four-year remission, which has been great. Four precious years. It made working not impossible, but difficult. So I’ve been doing a lot of writing. There’s a new book [coming soon] about the illness. If it saves one life, then it would have been worth it.”

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York has teamed up with LOGAN’S JOURNEY co-writer Paul McComas, whose best friend died of amyloidosis, to create RENEWAL — Research Exploring New Amyloidosis Learning — to raise awareness and get proactive in the fight against the disease. 

More details can be found at: MichaelYork.net/Amyloidosis

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In the full interview piece with FM, York and Agutter detail the amusement and hardships of filming the original LOGAN’S RUN; they share how they feel the film has aged over four decades; they offer their connection to the sequel project, LOGAN’S JOURNEY; and they answer the question: Would they appear in the new LOGAN’S RUN reboot?

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Other new interviews and exclusives in FM #286 include:

THE CONJURING 2: We were on the set of the scariest movie of the summer to get the story behind the story from stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Shannon Kook, and the producers. 

STAR TREK BEYOND and TREK 50TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE: STAR TREK BEYOND star John Cho previews the third installment of the big-screen franchise as we pay tribute to the iconic show that started it all, including interviews with Nichelle Nichols and Rod Roddenberry.

GHOSTBUSTERS: Director Paul Feig defends his embattled reboot and reveals behind-the-scenes secrets.

VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER: The ’80s anime classic has been revamped for instant-gratification bingeing on Netflix, and the super-fan producers share their excitement.

ALIENS: Director James Cameron reflects on the making of his 1986 Sci-Fi master-sequel in this exclusive, in-depth interview with Famous Monsters. 

THE OMEN: Legendary director Richard Donner looks back at his 1976 film and weighs in on the reported “OMEN Curse” exclusively for FM. 

MAN FROM ATLANTIS: Patrick Duffy resurfaces with a new novel featuring his first primetime character and revisits his classic ’70s show for FM.

DRAGONSLAYER: Director/cowriter Matthew Robbins and SFX master Phil Tippett detail how they created the most convincing dragon ever put on screen in 1981.

And much, much more!

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