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Half-Life Title

Video Game Review Rewind: HALF-LIFE

What do you get when you combine Stephen King's THE MIST, ALIENS, and Lovecraftian horror? HALF-LIFE, of course. We're going to go through a HALF-LIFE MARATHON. Every official computer HALF-LIFE … [Read More...]


American Gothic Press Debuts with Paul Tobin and PJ Holden’s ‘GUNSUITS’

Famous Monsters' new comic book imprint, American Gothic Press, is out the door and hitting the cement with the first issue of GUNSUITS, a science fiction epic packed with robots, personality, … [Read More...]


Mike Mignola Takes Frankenstein Underground

His name is synonymous with Hellboy, but for five issues this spring Mike Mignola will be stepping away from Hellboy to visit with one of the greatest monsters in history: Frankenstein. In … [Read More...]

Robocop Versus The Terminator Cover

Video Game Review Rewind: Robocop Versus The Terminator

It's funny how sometimes the smallest of memories sticks with you the longest. I remember watching an advertisement for a ROBOCOP VERSUS THE TERMINATOR sweepstakes. Although I was too young to watch … [Read More...]



We are happy to announce the return of the RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS for their thirteenth year! Famous Monsters has been honored with six nominations, including BEST MAGAZINE, BEST ARTICLE … [Read More...]


Advance Comic Review: KAIJUMAX #1

KAIJUMAX #1 Release Date: 8 April, 2015 (available for preorder) Writer: Zander Cannon Artist: Zander Cannon Publisher: Oni Press This is it. The one you’ve been waiting for. The debut issue … [Read More...]