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Interview: David Weaver, Director of THE LAST FRANKENSTEIN!

If there are two things ol' XIII digs, it's a good ol' fashioned creature feature and a film with a ton o' heart made by some folks that actually give a damn about our beloved horror biz! Well creeps, … [Read More...]


Unmasking “BATMAN: DEAD END” Director Sandy Collora

Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Christopher Nolan, and Zack Snyder have all done what most superhero junkies could only dream of doing: direct a Batman movie. But there was one other filmmaker privileged … [Read More...]


Interview: Artist of the Bizarre, Alex Pardee!

Recently the ol' cool ghoul caught wind of a current indie release that's sure to tickle the funny bone (or someplace a bit lower) of any monster maniac entitled DIGGING UP THE … [Read More...]


Interview: Pearry Teo, Producer of STRANGE BLOOD!

Man o’ man, ghouls, look who just dropped by the Crypt o’ XIII! None other than virtuoso producer/die-rector Pearry Teo! Welcome Pearry, why not have a seat right here on this coff… er, I mean … [Read More...]


Revoltin’ Reviews: Monsterman, I Am Thor, Call Girl of Cthulhu, and More!

Holy cats, my creeps, we are going to be all over the map in this here column of revoltin’ reviews! We got rock-docs, tentacle shocks, and killer coc… uh, monsters. We have a lot of monsters in … [Read More...]


Video Game Review Rewind: Half-Life: Blue Shift

A great game series is like pizza: as long as they don't completely mess things up, any serving is a good one, even if it's not the best. Valve (with Gearbox) decided to create one more HALF-LIFE … [Read More...]