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Reviews: The Films of Necrostorm!

    Recently, the kind n’ sexy rascals at Necrostorm sent ol’ XIII a special delivery scare package packed to the gills with gruesome gore-soaked fright flicks that will appeal … [Read More...]


Famous Monsters to Publish Original Comics with AMERICAN GOTHIC PRESS

A press release went out this week announcing the new comic book publishing division of Famous Monsters! We are incredibly excited about this development and hope our readers will follow us to the … [Read More...]

Bloodlines Title

Video Game Review Rewind: Castlevania: Bloodlines

While SUPER CASTLEVANIA IV was a huge success, Konami didn't just settle for  Nintendo only releases. While CASTLEVANIA: RONDO OF BLOOD was only for Japan and released on the ill-fated … [Read More...]



SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES “QUEEN OF THE DEAD” PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE Sideshow has always been known for their incredible ability to create works of art that capture the wonder and sophistication … [Read More...]


MAGIC 2015: Angry Blossom Will Punk You Up

It’s no secret that monster kids are misfits. Hell, the very band designed their logo after us. So when I find a clothing line that is dedicated in no subtle way to misfits, punk, monsters, and … [Read More...]


Interview: Pustulus Maximus and Blothar of GWAR

[Ed. Note: The lovely individuals of awesome monster band Gwar are known for taking the piss, so please take them—and Daniel XIII, for that matter—with a block of salt, and note that this article … [Read More...]